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Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design!

Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design

Do you spend most of your day applying Gel II® to nails? are you now ready to spice it up a little? Spend the whole day with us on this fantastic nail art course and learn specific nail art techniques used with the application of your favourite Gel polish. We promise you that by the end of the day you will be the proud owner of a collection of nail art styles you can easily re-create, adapt and really thrill your clients and social media followers with – something new and exciting for all!

You will learn techniques such as:

Foiling                        #Metalicflashglow in the dark
Marbling                    #Marbelous
Sponging                   #Sponging
Layering                    #Colourlayer
Custom blending     #Picknmix
Swarovski crystals  #Swarovskishower
Textured design      #Mattetexture
Polka dots                #Spotsofdots
Glitter Burnishing  #Glitterball
Carving                     #Vangogh

Pre-requisite – Any Gel Polish Class. Certificate must be provided.
No model required, bring your own products.

One Day : 10am – 4pm – £99.95 + vat.

To secure a place a deposit of £10.00 + vat will be required at time of booking.

Equipment needed:

  • LED Lamp (Gel II® Cordless/Rechargeable lamp recommended but mot essential to attend.)
  • Prep Products: Super Shine Nail Cleanse
  • Airgel Extended Wear Polish®: Choose your own selection!
  • Gel II®: Choose your selection!
  • Gauze Pads
  • Gel II® Rave G140
  • Nail Art Brushes & Dotting Tool
  • Pack of AB Crystals
  • Range of Foils
  • Magpie Glitters: Choose your selection!
  • Magpie Pigments: Choose your selection!
  • Matte Top Coat G00M
  • No Cleanse Top Coat G0NC