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Skill Building Nail Courses


Skill Building Courses

As nail professionals we all want to keep ahead of current nail trends and refresh our skills from time to time. For the nail professional who wants to be at the top of their game our skill building nail will give you the edge and keep your clients coming back for more services as you introduce them.


Do you have client’s arrive to their nail appointment with the occasional broken nail? Do they look to you to FIX IT? Well, now you can! Natural Nail Care Professionals enter into the world of Skyscraper® Enhancements with our 1 day Skyscraper® FIX IT! Class.
Skyscraper® Removable Builder Gel is designed to smooth, repair, and extend your client’s natural nails. This 1 day skill building class will enable you to offer an additional service that we believe is crucial to the success of you and your business. Build client retention, satisfaction and business revenue with this new salon service offering.
Skyscraper® Removable Builder Gel features self-leveling properties, balanced with the perfect viscosity for complete product control. Creating beautifully smooth, perfectly even nails has never been easier!

Course Cost:

£515.90 + VAT (if a Gel II® LED lamp is required)
£259.90 + VAT (if a Gel II® LED lamp is not required)

Deposit required:
£415.95 +VAT (with a Gel II® lamp)
£159.00 +VAT (without a Gel II® lamp)

Kit Includes:

Gel II® Pro-Cure 2 LED Lamp (booking dependent)
Skyscraper® Builder Gel Starter Kit
Gel II® Super Shine Nail Cleanser
Gel II® Cuticle Oil
Gel II® Top Coat
Tools of the trade: 240/240 file, 180 file, 180 buffer
*Additional items may be required.

*All TCBG courses are non-transferrable & non-refundable.


Whether you are a nail art newbie or a seasoned professional nail artist the Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design class is designed for everyone looking to hone their skills and be inspired! Any nail professional will be able to elevate their skill set, create salon successful designs whilst adding their own personal style and flair to every single one.

glow in the darkYou will learn techniques such as:

Foiling                            #Metalicflash
Marbling                        #Marbelous
Sponging                       #Sponging
Layering                        #Colourlayer
Custom blending         #Picknmix
Swarovski crystals      #Swarovskishower
Textured design          #Mattetexture

Polka dots                    #Spotsofdots
Glitter Burnishing     #Glitterball
Carving                        #Vangogh
Pre-requisite – Any Gel Polish Class. Certificate must be provided.
No model required, bring your own products.

One Day : 10am – 4pm – £99.95 + vat.

To secure a place a deposit of £10.00 will be required at time of booking.

You will need to bring with you:

LED Lamp (Gel II® Cordless/Rechargeable lamp recommended but not essential to attend)
Gel II® Super Shine Nail Cleanser
Airgel Extended Wear Polish®: Choose your own selection!
Gel II®: Choose your selection!
Gauze Pads
Gel II® Rave G140
Nail Art Brushes & Dotting Tool
Pack of AB Crystals
Range of Foils
Magpie Glitters: Choose your selection!
Magpie Pigments: Choose your selection!
Gel II® Matte Top Coat G00M
Gel II® No Cleanse Top Coat G0NC


IBX is the newest ‘treatment’ in the nail industry that repairs like no other… from the inside!

IBX is a must have for any treatment menu if you are already offering gel polish services to your clientele. Do you have clients that just can not get on with ANY gel polish? Perhaps you have a handful of clients that 294404_origcertainly have nails that could do with a little helping hand before they are beautifully painted using Gel II®?

IBX targets and gets to work straight away in repairing nail layers that are damaged, and repairs the surface so the nails are nail polish/gel polish worthy.

The workhorse of the IBX® SYSTEM
• IBX®, when cured, completes the formation of the IPN


within the upper layers of the nail plate, providing internal toughening that supports nail growth and protection.

• Always apply a full coat, whether for Gel Polish protection or to grow natural nails.

• The IBX® System will require curing with a UV LED or UV lamp (Cure time should be based on the manufacturer’s suggested cure time for their Gel Polish color coat.)

Course Cost:ibx_duopack_lighterreflection
£94.95 + VAT

Deposit required:
£44.95 +VAT

Includes IBX duo pack.

*Additional items may be required