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Brownv™ Brows!



The Creative Beauty Group would like to introduce you to Brownv™. Brownv™ is the latest revolutionary brow treatment combining expert knowledge with fantastic products to create the perfect brows. We have partnered with renowned Semi-Permanent Make-up Artist, Hollie Houston to give you the opportunity to learn Microblading techniques as a beginner and Diamant Blading as an advanced technique.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make up, also known as eyebrow embroidery and it was first introduced in Asia. Hairstroke techniques and soft tap powdering gives you the skills to create the perfect brow. The microblading tool contains a numerous amount of pins that are 3 times thinner than the needles used for the more traditional machine semi-permanent make-up. The Microblading techniques create thin and crisp hairstrokes and are performed by manually depositing pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis.

Training in Brownv™ Microblading you will learn how to use different size blades and soft tap (powdering), creating the best hairstroke, powder and combination brows. There is a skill and a technique in every style brow, and it is important you have the best brow knowledge to give your clients the brows they desire!


Before Brownv™


After Brownv™








What is Diamant Blading?

For the brow professional already practising in Microblading, Brownv™ introduces you to the next step, Diamant Blading! Diamant Blading was created by Brigitte Syeinmeyer after years of trials and research to give your clients the most luxurious brow treatment on the market! The tool itself is beautiful to work with, a hand piece made of titanium and the blade itself made of real cut diamond. This allows the blade to glide through the skin like silk making each hairstroke so natural, allowing skin to heal faster and colour pigment that does not blur under the skin.


After Brownv™


Before Brownv™



A bit about Hollie…


Hollie Houston eats, sleeps and breathes brows. After training in semi-permanent make-up in 2014 her passion for brows was so strong she went on to train in microblading later that year. Falling in love with this technique she quickly advanced through the many different techniques for brows creating her own signature styles. Hollie believes knowledge is power when you want to be the best in your field so in 2015 Hollie progressed even further into the brow world with Diamant Blading, created by Brigitte Steinmeyer, and was asked to become the Worldwide Conference Speaker and UK distributor by the lady herself – an overwhelming privilege! With Hollie’s life and business being 100% brows she also finds time to run a very busy beauty salon and be a mother of two children.


“What can I say? I approached Layla Tourh and asked if she wanted her brows done? Thankfully, she said yes, I’m not gonna lie, it was the best feeling in the world! Layla is a huge inspiration to me, especially watching how rapidly she has grown such a successful company, The Creative Beauty Group! Watching her grow over the years was amazing to see, I had to be part of her team! With Inspiration, Motivation and Ambition, we can create Brownv™! The number one place to create the perfect brows!” – Hollie Houston – Brownv™ newly appointed Education Emissary for The Creative Beauty Group